Friday, February 25, 2005

Success of Tomorrows Net

Success of Tomorrows Net
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An interesting list.

Network Services Ecology

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Check out post at the CIO weblog

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Incidence of the network play & the mobile play

Is the future a incidence of the network play & the mobile play?

Is it right ? All relevant functionality will be available on the network & we are getting better mobile devices and wider variety of them, these are easier to use, they have context and are always on, are connected, well what does all this mean, I don't know yet, but feel like there is some merit to this line of thought for sure.


Future phone discussed by Mark Cuban of the Mavericks

Here is what I expected from my next PDA/Phone beyond what I can buy today.

1. At least 1gb of storage via flash memory, or 5gbs through a miniature drive

2. A standard USB port so that I can copy any standardized files to or from an external storage device

3. The ability to recognize that storage device as a drive accessible to my phone apps.

4. The ability to call a number or us bluetooth to replace my credit or debit cards and automatically record the transaction in a money management program

5. The ability to watch videos in Mpeg4/VC1/Divx format. I’ts going to come in handy when my car manual is in the glove compartment on a USB flashdrive and I can just watch the video on how to fix what breaks. I want to be able to use my phone to watch directions on whatever complex operations I may come in touch with.

5a. This can also come in handy when I’m looking at buying a present for my wife. Particularly something that works in the kitchen that I don’t fully understand. Let me plug into the USB or via bluetooth, see a demo of it on my phone while imin the store.

5b. Of course, being able to Froogle it for pricing based on the bar code would help as well, as would knowing if they have it in stock without having to get a clerk, placing my order and picking it up or having it shipped to my house.
Naturally, storing all my receipts in the phone in case there is a problem

6. I want to be able to save and store my IMs and Text Messages

7. I want to be able to download tickets to events and just let them scan my phone rather than having a ticket.


* well, the only addition that I have to this list is the ability to use a work flow application, which would ideally be integrated to the email client or else it can be an independent application like infoPath (Microsoft Microsoft didn't pay me for this...YET)


Well since we have seen what could possibly be in store for the mobile another aspect is the emergence of more functionalities like SALESFORCE.COM , the model is becoming ever present and holds a lot of promise, Also with most enterprise applications moving to some for of Service Oriented Systems....the future is surely the "NETWORK BEING THE COMPUTER", I am not going into the GRIDS etc that a becoming available but they also for part of the this package.

Another interesting note:
Chris Shipley had to say:

On the surface, [the] idea of device computing makes sense. The locus of our computing and communications activities has moved from desktop PCs to mobile devices. Over forty years, computational power has migrated from large mainframes to mini-computers, to workstations, to PCs, to laptops, to handheld devices.
And with each progression, some pundit stood up at an event like this and declared that the computing paradigm had made the shift to the new platform. Mainframe computing. Mini computing. Desktop computing. Mobile computing.With that history and context, device computing seemed the logical next step.But, it’s not.

Quite frankly, while all these devices are amazing in their capability and power, they are virtually nothing on their own. Just plastic, LCD, silicon and solder, buttons and jog dials that deliver very little value if they aren’t connected to some other computer or service. For the most part, mobile devices – whether a cell phone or a PDA, game gear or the custom slate the ups driver carries – these mobile devices are little more than beautifully designed, computationally rich input/output and storage devices.

It’s not until you add a connection – a radio, IR, cable, or docking station – that mobile devices become truly useful and very exciting.

So, to say that we’d entered the age of device computing was to miss the point. Certainly, we are moving to a new paradigm in computing. Of course, mobile devices play a key role in the new definition.

Some interesting links:

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day
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This is slide i put together on Valentines Day, thought i will share it here....please do come back to me with your comments on it.

THINK MOBILE ....A must for all Developers/ Software Product Co's

* The majority of the world will first experience the internet through their mobile phones.

* 10 times as many people bought handsets last year as PC's, there were a BILLION wireless devices sold last year, and around 100 million PC's

* The odds are much higher you'll watch broadcast broadband content on your phone than on your PC

* Nokia (and their peers) are the world's largest camera manufacturers

* The odds are far higher you'll even create broadband content on your handset

* Comdex is dead, long live 3GSM

via Jonathan Schwartz

Interesting facts about INDIA

First, its scale and diversity. With a population of more than a billion, the country presents some curious contrasts.

It has the world's 11th largest economy, yet it is home to more than a quarter of the world's poorest people.

It is the sixth largest emitter of carbon dioxide, yet hundreds of millions of its people have no steady electricity supply.

It has more than 250 universities which catered last year for more than 3.2 million science students, yet 39 per cent of adult Indians cannot read or write.

Carly Fiorina's Sins

Read the list of Sins of Fiorina, quite an interesting list the two that i thought of as interesting are....

Not tolerating strength in others: Peter Drucker said about the study of what makes an effective executive. And that the good ones tolerate strength in others; the bad ones don't. Gates has Steve Ballmer. Michael Dell has Kevin Rollins. Larry Ellison has Jeff Henley. Carly had no one like that.

Lack of focus: Drucker's other great insight - Effective CEOs pick two tasks and devote their energies there. When those tasks are done, they don't go to #3. They make a new list. One overlooked trick to maintaining focus, Drucker told is to cut travel.

Carly Fiorina's Seven Deadly Sins By Sadagopan

IDEO Innovation Approach!

Well, I am reading art of innovation a book by tom Kelly its pretty cool, I really like it, will one of the basic ideas of the book is communicate the IDEO approach to innovation, Well for those who want a quick view of the same go to the IDEO site, they have a business week article as a PDF file, its a pretty good article.

Here is a quick run down (STEPS) of the ideo approach to innovation:

Brain Storming
Rapid Prototyping

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Web Information Gathering using FURL

Well, Since I have been doing significant amount of reading on the web it has really grown in leaps & bounds this year, I have been using a web based utility called FURL to help me,

First I already use bloglines (a web based Blog Aggregator ...which by the way has been bought by the search engine ASK JEEVES) but this (FURL) is very useful for the web content that is not RSS enabled also those blogs that give only descriptions instead of whole blogs...would prefer full feeds, with this service I just go to the site and click on a button that the service provides for most browsers and the page/snapshot gets registered which I can go back to at any time.

This is particularly useful, As my approach to research is one where I first get all the content (FORAGE STAGE) and consolidate it and keep it ready once I have all the content ready I start reviewing the content (DEEP DIVE STAGE), so this is pretty cool, Though I am sure FURL can provide a lot more functionality add ons over their present service...that will be the topic of another blog all together.


Well that one word sums up what i have been doing with this blog,

The link blog of mine is updated, so is the where I am a guest blogger there. So I have decided that its time to change it. I am back ....and you will see the effect in the next couple of days.

First, ....guys is a great site, I suggest everybody at least become a trial member and test it out, I am telling you its pretty good stuff. I have downloaded Tom Peters ReImagine and its pretty amazing listening to it on my pocket pc.

Second, the blogsphere has just too much information; I need to constantly refine my approach to reading & blogging as I am overwhelmed by information most of the time.

Third, I have fixed up a WIRELESS LAN at home, so it's going to be gaming galore for some time at home, with my brother....Play some counterstrike.

Fourth, I bought the KROME Microsoft Smart Phone, Well the good things first its a pretty cool phone the functionality is absolutely great, features are top of the line and it fits in my palm unlike the NGage which I had earlier which seemed like a pencil box. But there is a flip side, first it hangs...well it could have something to do with the operating system....but lets not go there...Battery Life really sucks & the camera aint that good.

Fifth, The weekends have been pretty busy since i have been playing cricket for the Company...we are having a tournament for office, so thats taking a lot of my time over the weekends, this weekend i have two matches, let us hope for the best.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Stock Market

Another excellent post by Mark Cuban on the stock market, it is in the format of a forward for a book The Number by Alex Berenson.

Its a must read, i completly enjoyed the article now to buy the book.

For those of you interested in listening to mark cuban there is a podcast of his available at

technologies impact on interpersonal relationships & contacts !!!

This is an excerpt from a post at venture blog.

new technologies have (to date) served to weaken interpersonal and family relationships. What used to be phone calls are now emails. What used to be personal hand written letters with lots of doodles is now plain text. Many occasions for interpersonal communication (going to the bank, filling up the car with gas, buying groceries and many forms of shopping) are now being intermediated by technology instead of interpersonal connections. I met a Stanford researcher a couple of years ago who was studying the effect of technology on child shyness and socialization. Her thesis that technology use is materially different between shy and non-shy people is supported by initial research. The rise of! shyness and introverted behavior has tracked surprisingly well with the rise of the PC, bank tellers, automatic gas pump payments, video game consoles and the other human disintermediation technologies. Remember when kids used to go outside and play with their friends? Technology is not very well suited to serving the higher order emotional needs of humans. Wait a minute, wasn't one of the promises of technology to free us from drudgery so that we had more time for the "important things in life" like family, relationships, art, music, etc.?

I beleive that this is becoming a serious problem, all of us get barricaded behind our computers/laptops/cell phone that we are forgetting or not realising the loss of interpersonal relationships/contact.


Have been blogging a lot less, well lots of stuff, more in the next post to follow.

Today i was clearning out some old posts that i had left pending and came across an interesting set of posts at Venture Blog, The posts talk about the similarities between Hollywood & Silicon Valley...quite entertaining with some interesting points thrown in.

Check it out.

Sillywood, Part 3: All The Money is in Sequels
Sillywood, Part 2: Perceived Success Breeds Success
Sillywood, Part 1: Believing Makes It So

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Launguage @ work

The language of Work

Has Leadership Qualities - Is tall or has a loud voice
Loyal - Can't get a job anywhere else
Expresses Themselves Well - Speaks English
Independent Worker - Nobody knows what he/she does
Quick Thinking - Offers plausible excuses
Good Communication Skills - Spends lots of time on phone
Work Is First Priority - Too ugly to get a date
Meticulous Attention To Detail - A nit picker
Great Presentation Skills - Able to bullshit
Exceptionally Well Qualified - Made no major blunders yet
Careful Thinker - Won't make a decision
Active Socially - Drinks a lot
Family Is Active Socially - Spouse drinks, too
Keen Sense Of Humor - Knows a lot of dirty jokes
Exceptionally Good Judgment – Lucky
Uses Logic On Difficult Jobs - Gets someone else to do it
Average Employee - Not too bright