Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Incidence of the network play & the mobile play

Is the future a incidence of the network play & the mobile play?

Is it right ? All relevant functionality will be available on the network & we are getting better mobile devices and wider variety of them, these are easier to use, they have context and are always on, are connected, well what does all this mean, I don't know yet, but feel like there is some merit to this line of thought for sure.


Future phone discussed by Mark Cuban of the Mavericks

Here is what I expected from my next PDA/Phone beyond what I can buy today.

1. At least 1gb of storage via flash memory, or 5gbs through a miniature drive

2. A standard USB port so that I can copy any standardized files to or from an external storage device

3. The ability to recognize that storage device as a drive accessible to my phone apps.

4. The ability to call a number or us bluetooth to replace my credit or debit cards and automatically record the transaction in a money management program

5. The ability to watch videos in Mpeg4/VC1/Divx format. I’ts going to come in handy when my car manual is in the glove compartment on a USB flashdrive and I can just watch the video on how to fix what breaks. I want to be able to use my phone to watch directions on whatever complex operations I may come in touch with.

5a. This can also come in handy when I’m looking at buying a present for my wife. Particularly something that works in the kitchen that I don’t fully understand. Let me plug into the USB or via bluetooth, see a demo of it on my phone while imin the store.

5b. Of course, being able to Froogle it for pricing based on the bar code would help as well, as would knowing if they have it in stock without having to get a clerk, placing my order and picking it up or having it shipped to my house.
Naturally, storing all my receipts in the phone in case there is a problem

6. I want to be able to save and store my IMs and Text Messages

7. I want to be able to download tickets to events and just let them scan my phone rather than having a ticket.


* well, the only addition that I have to this list is the ability to use a work flow application, which would ideally be integrated to the email client or else it can be an independent application like infoPath (Microsoft Microsoft didn't pay me for this...YET)


Well since we have seen what could possibly be in store for the mobile another aspect is the emergence of more functionalities like SALESFORCE.COM , the model is becoming ever present and holds a lot of promise, Also with most enterprise applications moving to some for of Service Oriented Systems....the future is surely the "NETWORK BEING THE COMPUTER", I am not going into the GRIDS etc that a becoming available but they also for part of the this package.

Another interesting note:
Chris Shipley had to say:

On the surface, [the] idea of device computing makes sense. The locus of our computing and communications activities has moved from desktop PCs to mobile devices. Over forty years, computational power has migrated from large mainframes to mini-computers, to workstations, to PCs, to laptops, to handheld devices.
And with each progression, some pundit stood up at an event like this and declared that the computing paradigm had made the shift to the new platform. Mainframe computing. Mini computing. Desktop computing. Mobile computing.With that history and context, device computing seemed the logical next step.But, it’s not.

Quite frankly, while all these devices are amazing in their capability and power, they are virtually nothing on their own. Just plastic, LCD, silicon and solder, buttons and jog dials that deliver very little value if they aren’t connected to some other computer or service. For the most part, mobile devices – whether a cell phone or a PDA, game gear or the custom slate the ups driver carries – these mobile devices are little more than beautifully designed, computationally rich input/output and storage devices.

It’s not until you add a connection – a radio, IR, cable, or docking station – that mobile devices become truly useful and very exciting.

So, to say that we’d entered the age of device computing was to miss the point. Certainly, we are moving to a new paradigm in computing. Of course, mobile devices play a key role in the new definition.

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