Thursday, February 17, 2005

Web Information Gathering using FURL

Well, Since I have been doing significant amount of reading on the web it has really grown in leaps & bounds this year, I have been using a web based utility called FURL to help me,

First I already use bloglines (a web based Blog Aggregator ...which by the way has been bought by the search engine ASK JEEVES) but this (FURL) is very useful for the web content that is not RSS enabled also those blogs that give only descriptions instead of whole blogs...would prefer full feeds, with this service I just go to the site and click on a button that the service provides for most browsers and the page/snapshot gets registered which I can go back to at any time.

This is particularly useful, As my approach to research is one where I first get all the content (FORAGE STAGE) and consolidate it and keep it ready once I have all the content ready I start reviewing the content (DEEP DIVE STAGE), so this is pretty cool, Though I am sure FURL can provide a lot more functionality add ons over their present service...that will be the topic of another blog all together.


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