Saturday, January 22, 2005

Open Source

What is Open Source?
Open source is a form of decentralized production in which an information commons is cooperatively built, maintained, and evolved. This commons forms the primary (but not exclusive) basis of value from which individuals and firms draw and to which they contribute.
The centrality of the commons in an open source paradigm contrasts with private ownership of assets in the existing one, and the dynamic of use and fostering of the commons stands in sharp contrast to the dynamic of market-based competition.
Open source projects have dynamics of active contribution and community participation over time as a distinguishing characteristic.

Important Points:

- Open source heralds a global paradigm shift in social and economic value creation of enormous proportions

- Interesting times to look forward to as the irresistible force of open source meets the immoveable object of corporate entrenchment

- Will force enormous economic dislocations with opportunities for new undertakings

- Provides the ability to start from nothing and crafting a business based on inspiration and hard work

Via Mitch Kapoors Blog)
Jan 04. 2005


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