Saturday, January 22, 2005


People who have been following this blog for sometime will know that I sometimes use movies as a base for some of my blog entries, this one is going to be no different. To be very honest i love movies, i blame it on my genes (parents) they were/are movie buffs too, well that is not the point of this blog, While watching movies, i tend to try and analyze and sometimes even learn from them …..on points of behavior/character.

Last night i was watching "What Women Want“ a Mel Gibson, Helen hunt movie. It is an old one but watched it again anyways...While watching this movie, two things came to my mind, one how close the movie is to what TP (Tom peters) talk about in his Re-Imagine! Slides –” Women Roar” & the other was an interview TOM PETER did with his cool friend “Martha Barletta” – Author of “Marketing to Women”.

Points that made an impact on me from both these sources:
91% women: ADVERTISERS DON’T UNDERSTAND US. (58% “ANNOYED.”) - Source: Greenfield Online for Arnold’s Women’s Insight Team (Martha Barletta, Marketing to Women)

“He simply wants the transaction to take place. She’s interested in creating a relationship. Every place women go, they make connections.”

Male/Female go shopping for black slacks,
Male – Time(6min) Spent (33$),
Female – Time(3hrs 26 min) Spent (876$) – Source: Martha Barletta Presentation

“Women don’t buy brands. They join them.” -EVEolution


Women’s Market = Opportunity No. 1.

Women tend to reject anything that for women specifically, as do men.

Women notice things more, they notice smaller things than men, women can perceive the finer detail.

Women feel emotions more strongly …

Insurance - Life time of a customer, a women on an average provide 28 referrals, vs. 13 from men. (Referral Ratio – 21.0:2.6 = Women:Men)

"Take the hint ...get with it...get a (helen hunt) on your team...or a mel gibson...who can listen to womens thoughts!!!!"



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