Thursday, January 06, 2005

Blog Book - 1

Scoble, the microsoft blogger and shel (a pr person)...are working on a book on bloging, well this project is name red couch & has a blog...recently they hosted thier TOC...(below) quite interesting....will follow this project quite closely.....

Name - Blog or Die

1. Scoble's First Microsoft Dollar
2. Blog or Die
3. Word-of-Mouth Engines
4. Too Many Influencers: Not Enough Influence
5. Invisible and Direct Influencers
6. "RSS” Letting Customers Decide
7. Getting Started & Noticed
8. How Blogging Can Get You Fired
9. The Transparent Company
10. Ah, There is an ROI!
11. Behind the Firewall
12. Breaking Taboos
13. How Blogging Can Get You Fired
14. Who Should Blog. Who shouldn't.
15. Bridging Chasms
16. Winners and Sinners
17. The Business World in 2014


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