Monday, December 13, 2004

Desktop Search

The desktop search market is heating up with the impending release of the Microsoft Product....than we are expecting the Yahoo one well, Scoble at this time writes an essential note "Desktop Search Reviewers' Guide" All of us are reviewers...I have been using lookout with outlook both at office & at home, its really helped me a lot. At home i have been using GDS(Google Desktop Search) it is quite fast at getting the files...but i havent really had a chance to test it out. Now will need to review this & the upcoming / about to come Microsoft Product.

some things to consider when trying out desktop search:

1) Give it time to index.
2) Know what it can and can't do.
3) Watch for comparisons this week on resources.
4) User interface.
5) Security/privacy.
6) Does it play well with others?
7) Does your favorite engine work well on one machine, but not well on another?
8) Does your engine have advertising?
9) Does your engine integrate into the apps you use most often?
10) What's the price?
11) What's the download size?
12) How many file types does the engine index? How many languages does it support?
13) This one probably should be first, but how good an engine is it? Does it find what you're looking for?
14) How customizeable is it? Can you add shortcuts to the engine to make it easier for you to search for common things?
15) What advanced features does it have? Can you make it automatically launch applications, for instance?
16) How much space does its logo take up? Can you get rid of that kind of space-wasting stuff? How small can you make the UI?

via Scoble


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