Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Quiting Colleague

Well one of my colleagues is quitting....he is a very key part of the organisation..but is quitting to join a pretty uptown ;) place...doing some really interesting work....I wish him all the very best!!! He was the first patron of the site. And we have shared some pretty interesting conversations over the past 6-8 months..his presence will definitely be missed.

He is completing the last couple of days here..before he joins the other company. Today i received an interesting mail from him, i have just cut & paste the mail & my response to it , i think it is a really cool idea...

Mail i received:
I would like a feedback on the following:

-- THREE Things that I must continue to do (to do well in life)
-- THREE Things that I must work on to get better

I am sending this note as I feel I am on an important phase in my life where I need to prioritise and work for betterment.

Thanks and Best Regards

I understand that to do well in life includes both professional & personal angles to it, since I have know you mostly in a professional/work related capacity my points will focus on your work life/professional life…though I can never stress enough on the importance of good / healthy personal life.

-- THREE Things that I must continue to do (to do well in life)
* Continue Improving/Driving Operational Efficiencies…this seems to be a strength that you can leverage on ….and will be useful where ever you are….in the likes of process definitions/improvements & so on…

* Read On…I think this keeps you in touch with the outer world..i suggest that there is some areas of self/management that u can learn from books

* Communicate/ Talk/ Connect….There are more intelligent people out there than in here/ so try and connect to them talk to them..basically build relationships/ networks

-- THREE Things that I must work on to get better
* Don’t execute..think...Think strategic not operational.

* Present…Publish…Engage….you have a nice story to tell…so tell people…more people want to hear your story…u have a nice story to tell.Also listen to stories there are interesting ones out there.

* People…hire A level…learn to interact with A level…they are a different kettle of fish…u cant manage them only guide them and make them see your vision.


Hope fully my points are of some use!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

KKs: Comments

Thanks for an honest feedback.. Your words are marked!!! Will work on all inputs.. Good and crisp expression...

6:34 AM  

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