Wednesday, November 24, 2004

These are the various points that i picked from the speech by Adam Bosworth (Thoughts on Computing) at the ICSOC04.

Information Overload - Emails were bad now blogs have made it impossible, adding to it are podcasts, music & videos, Need to find/improve ways of filtering content. Attention.xml seems to generating significant interest in this space.

Have downloaded an MP3 of scoble talk on information overload need to listen to that and add to this section.

Web 2.0, Rich internet client, which share information across the web & deal with richer media. Skype, Hello, iTunes etc

   Presence computing
   Social Networking
   context, content, community & collaboration
   Small worlds
   myCampus - Carnegie Soln

Content is king - BillyG
When radio business started, radio the device had the real value but moving forward the content was the one that had real value. Similarly before HW/SW had value no moving forward it is only content, the ability of the systems to
1. Aggregate, Evaluate, Filter & Enhance
2. Find & Filter - Collaborate & Communicate

Tool is not important, Output is
Doesnt matter what programming language you use, just as long as you get the required out put. More developers are looking at PHP instead of C++, as PHP is a lot simpler , but the results are the same. This doesnt mean it is an either or situation, but basically that this choice is of limited relevance, only the output is.

RSS/Web Service
RSS, Simple Proposition
- Every piece of content is addressed by URL (Permalinks)
- Blogs solved problem of Incivility of discourse
- Sending emails no cost, so too much spam. The blog world(blogsphere) should be looked at as a giant room, And reputation systems should be running, then individuals will be careful.
- RSS is not rigid/systemised/fixed
- Webserice has rigid abstract layers, plumbing is anonymous - endless messaging
- Not possible to put dynamic filters

All the following succedded because they adhere to the rule, KISS - Keep it simple & sloppy

Two content sets
- Blogs, Photo Albums,Event Schedules, Favorites


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