Monday, December 06, 2004

What is the FUTURE?

From talking about Astrology in the last entry, now we are begining to make predictions of our own, no this was not based on the planets / stars just stuff i have been reading in the Blogsphere.

Well another conversation between me and sharanya led into a topic on genetics….well she is the engineer/the intellect of the conversation and I just tag along trying to make sense of what she is saying.

But while talking yesterday, we had an interesting thought about what are the things that will drive the future or be the corner stones of future development…well…interestingly we came up with 3 areas,

Nano..Minute…smaller & smaller..yes…this is the truth…as we go forward into the 21st century everything will become smaller and smaller…one excellent example of this is storage…you will have terabytes of storage in the thumb drive which presently stores measly megabytes. Every thing will become Smaller….Nonoization… is a reality.

Genetics….cloning….well our knowledge in this area is extremely limited so I am not going to delve into the details but just leave you with an example …bio mechanical limbs will be developed to aid the handicapped people. DNA corrections will be done to new born/yet to be born babies removing critical ailments.

Dream…experiences…This we picked from the thinking of tom peters, All organisations will focus on delivering excellent experiences and trying to make peoples dreams realities rather than just sell products and make profits..this will be a complete change in the mindset of the people/organisations…it will need to entirely new class of value provides in the "Organisational Value Chain"

Update:from Sharanya....

Well here are her thoughts on my entry

genetics.... cloning might be looking far ahead into the future but people have already come up with artificial limbs for injured dolphins etc. bio infomatics is the hot field right now... combining electronics and biology... 2 very very important fields working in tandem could produce something really really awesome.

selling dreams and experiences is not a thing of the future. i believe its already here... though people haven't really given it a name and classified it as that.... all marketing tactics use this on you.... whether you realise it or not... on a sub-concious level its there.

nano.... not only storage... our knowledge on everything is increasing day by day... with a craving to learn more and more. the world around us is getting smaller. trips to the moon for a holiday is not such a distant future!

ps- i also like the part about me being " the intellect of the conversation " ;)

Update: 13th December
Dont think you got the concept of "Dreams...experiences.." are still thinking/looking at these terms from the view of tranditional advertising, but they way i see this is more from the delivery side of things. Well i am going to try & put together a post to better explain it while, i try the best place to get an understanding of it will be at the tompeters site, there is an interview with Kevin Roberts the author of LoveMarks....particularly where he clarifies what a love mark is? it and get back with more views/comments.


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