Monday, December 13, 2004

New Functionality - Leverages Blogs

Google News, Collects news in an automated fashion across the various sites & presents it, well that was definitely a wining model. Not we have "memeorandum" which as per the 'about us' page on the site defines itself as "memorandum presents a distinctly readable and relevant hourly synopsis of the latest online news and opinion, combining weblog commentary with traditional news reports."

As per the site they get their news from both traditional media & online media over which they use web blogs....They have also defined web blogs as mentioned below

Weblogs (or blogs) are crucial for making memeorandum possible. Weblogs are online publications (usually arranged in a journal format) produced by small groups or individuals (bloggers), normally without the guidance - and interference - of editors. This freedom empowers bloggers to publish their immediate reactions to news and events, allowing memeorandum to capture these reactions within minutes. The common practice among bloggers of linking liberally in postings is key to helping memeorandum determine when two disparate writings share a common theme.
Here they extol the benefits of using web blogs, that since this is not an edited or moderated output/environment it gets the immediate reactions/opinions/responses of people, this concept though it has its benefits, is not without its share of problems. People are ill informed/ have limited information/inputs they are driven by emotion rather than facts therefore their opinions or reactions could be wrong/ more people who read these false/incorrect opinions, might take away the wrong information/ is that to be managed/controlled/moderated? Blogs are not necessarily a source of accurate information!!! - Needs more thought!!!!!

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