Thursday, February 17, 2005


Well that one word sums up what i have been doing with this blog,

The link blog of mine is updated, so is the where I am a guest blogger there. So I have decided that its time to change it. I am back ....and you will see the effect in the next couple of days.

First, ....guys is a great site, I suggest everybody at least become a trial member and test it out, I am telling you its pretty good stuff. I have downloaded Tom Peters ReImagine and its pretty amazing listening to it on my pocket pc.

Second, the blogsphere has just too much information; I need to constantly refine my approach to reading & blogging as I am overwhelmed by information most of the time.

Third, I have fixed up a WIRELESS LAN at home, so it's going to be gaming galore for some time at home, with my brother....Play some counterstrike.

Fourth, I bought the KROME Microsoft Smart Phone, Well the good things first its a pretty cool phone the functionality is absolutely great, features are top of the line and it fits in my palm unlike the NGage which I had earlier which seemed like a pencil box. But there is a flip side, first it hangs...well it could have something to do with the operating system....but lets not go there...Battery Life really sucks & the camera aint that good.

Fifth, The weekends have been pretty busy since i have been playing cricket for the Company...we are having a tournament for office, so thats taking a lot of my time over the weekends, this weekend i have two matches, let us hope for the best.


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