Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Opera the browser

I have been using Opera for the last couple of days (when i heard in the blogsphere that its free to download) ...i am dissatisfied with the two browsers that i have 1. Firefox1.7 2. IE6 - Instead of getting into a long drawn discussion over functionality, simply put firefox is too slow...and constantly takes up 100% of my computing for some reason, Well IE just doesnt have any functioanality....Opera is a great....i love the functionality offered and its fast..i think its all set to become my de facto browser.

Quick list of features that i like:
1. Notes integrated
2. Feed Reader
3. Ability to go off proxy quite easily (constantly switch between LAN & Dial up)
4. Simplicity of interface
5. Paste & Go
6.Visual Appeal.

Try it out....here

Monday, September 26, 2005

Round 2 - Golf

This morning was up early and headed to the Driving Range, Shot two buckets...and had a real good time doing it....i like the game. Did some searching on the web for tutorials, want to do some ground work before engaging a coach. (Direct if you know of any good site/portals).

First brush with GLOF

Well i have been wanting to start for a very long time never really go around to doing it, but yesterday i just went across to a driving range nearby, first experience, i completely enjoyed it. I used ...correction they gave me the 9 iron (i have no knowledge of the clubs) and i went about hitting...correction driving 60-70 golf balls, and i had a real good time at it. I was not doing a very bad job as i understand....looks like i might want to play more of it. ....lets see where this goes.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

My streangths

Originally uploaded by Prashanth.Rai.
Not sure how many of you are aware of/familiar with the Change This site, it is an excellent respository of information/content, if i am right it was an idea by Seth Godin and is now managed by the team from 800-CEO-Read. Well i have been following content in Change this for a long time, now recently a particular manifesto caught my attention, it was titled "Personal MBA"

What is the Manifesto all about?
The idea behind the manifesto is really simple, it is provide the reader with a list / collections of books that he/she needs to read, and would get them on par with an MBA, without having spent that sort of time and money. Sounded like a good idea, so i embarked on it. As a first step i started by reading "Now Discover Your Streanghts".

Well i am half way throught the book and have just taken the "apptitude" test offered by , which provides a list of your streanghts/strong themes based on test(strenghtfinder) they conduct.

The results of the test is the top 5 themes or streanghts.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Well , Where the hell have i been!

Dear Readers, if there are any left, i apologise profusely for having completly ignored you....well as usual, the problem of activities getting ahead of the schedule, Well i don t think i have it completly under check there, but i am getting there.

I have been doing some pretty interesting stuff last couple of months, will have more about it here over the next couple of weeks.

Well, for starters this first post of mine comes from a VISTA (Microsoft Long Horn) installation. I took it upoon myself to do it today and well spent two hours and here i am runnig on VISTA, Installation has been pretty simple process, the experience subsequently has been reasonably good. Well for those of you who are wondering , what wrong with this guy first he is telling me that he just doesnt have time and than he is telling me he spent a good two hours setting up and operating system which is not due for another yr almost, well i think the answer is really simple ....infact there are two parts to it...one the coverage of the blogsphere two this post by brad fled, i havent done any substatial research on microsofts offering in the coming year, but just based on the enteries i have been reading lets just say i am optimistic of his view/vision.

More later...keep checking this place is going to be buzzing for sure ....also check out http://cio-weblog.com.