Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Opera the browser

I have been using Opera for the last couple of days (when i heard in the blogsphere that its free to download) ...i am dissatisfied with the two browsers that i have 1. Firefox1.7 2. IE6 - Instead of getting into a long drawn discussion over functionality, simply put firefox is too slow...and constantly takes up 100% of my computing for some reason, Well IE just doesnt have any functioanality....Opera is a great....i love the functionality offered and its fast..i think its all set to become my de facto browser.

Quick list of features that i like:
1. Notes integrated
2. Feed Reader
3. Ability to go off proxy quite easily (constantly switch between LAN & Dial up)
4. Simplicity of interface
5. Paste & Go
6.Visual Appeal.

Try it out....here


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