Saturday, September 24, 2005

Well , Where the hell have i been!

Dear Readers, if there are any left, i apologise profusely for having completly ignored you....well as usual, the problem of activities getting ahead of the schedule, Well i don t think i have it completly under check there, but i am getting there.

I have been doing some pretty interesting stuff last couple of months, will have more about it here over the next couple of weeks.

Well, for starters this first post of mine comes from a VISTA (Microsoft Long Horn) installation. I took it upoon myself to do it today and well spent two hours and here i am runnig on VISTA, Installation has been pretty simple process, the experience subsequently has been reasonably good. Well for those of you who are wondering , what wrong with this guy first he is telling me that he just doesnt have time and than he is telling me he spent a good two hours setting up and operating system which is not due for another yr almost, well i think the answer is really simple ....infact there are two parts to the coverage of the blogsphere two this post by brad fled, i havent done any substatial research on microsofts offering in the coming year, but just based on the enteries i have been reading lets just say i am optimistic of his view/vision.

More later...keep checking this place is going to be buzzing for sure ....also check out


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