Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Mindset of the Indian CIOs !

I regularly follow / read “Arbor Mentis” a coloumn by Subroto Baagchi in the weekly “Business World”, I started reading his works (searching/finding & reading) his word after I read two notes/articles titled “Making of Mindtree”, which is a detailed account of how the organisation which he is the COO of was formed / created.

This weeks article was as usual insightful and filled with some interesting statistics. The piece is titled “Mindsets of the Indian CIO”.

In this article he refers to the time during a presentation/speech he conducted two polls

1.What will the Indian CIOs strategic Imperative be in 2010?
2.What does he(CIO) consider as his own inadequacy from a strategic perspective?

(59 CIOs responded to the Survey.)

The results of the two surveys are displayed in the graphs in posts below.



The point highlighted from the results are primarily two,
How come only 4% of the CIOs thought of knowledge as a key imperative and how is it that only 4% of the CIOs identify creativity as a strategic gap. Very interesting findings, you can read subroto baghcis comments/analysis on the same here (Registration required).

Wouldn’t it be great if he had a blog?


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