Monday, June 13, 2005


Came across this new Blog/Tag service, via Rodrigo. It is an interesting presentation of the content in the blog/site. I need to check if they have any api that developers could use to write facilities / functionalities on the same.

It sure makes tracking a lot of blogs a lot easier. Let me explain, there are always a a few blogger who you read all thier content and there are a lot of others whose content you pick and chose and read, i would like to use the cloud for the later type of blogs, so i can look at the clouds and go only to the tags that i find usefull/interesting. - What do you think?

Here is my cloud(sounds pretty funny!)...Has two feeds flowing into it one this one and the other the CIO Weblog that i write at.

Another thought i was thinking it would be pretty cool if i put in my Newsgator Clippings RSS feed into the cloud too as the Clippings directory has a lot of stuff that i came across and would like to read some time. This should be usefull there too.

Update: Presently there is nothing in my cloud...but they did say it takes lets wait and watch.Tag(s):


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