Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hallmarks of a successful partnerships

Win-Win. The parties recognize that they have key business goals in common and that the success of one party depends on the success of the other.

Basic Trust. The parties trust each other’s intentions.

Long-term perspective.
The parties are committed to a long-term relationship, one that survives shirt-term vicissitudes of business.

Excellence. the parties set high performance standards for themselves and for each other.

Competence. The parties have confidence in each other’s competence.

Joint decision-making.
The parties make key decisions jointly on matters that affect each of them.

Open communication. the parties communicate fully with each other.

Mutual influence. The parties listen to and are influenced by each other.

Mutual assistance. The parties help each other perform.

the parties recognize each other for their contributions.

Day-to-day treatment.
The parties routinely treat each other with consideration and respect.

Financial sharing.
To the extent that the collaboration is designed to generate improved financial results, the parties share equitably in those results.“

Source: The Enthusiastic Employee

Via: Management Craft

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