Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Recruiting based on 5 Cs

There are 5Cs in hiring/recruiting. Each have equal weight in the equation.

Competence. Most companies hire with about 100% weight on competence. But for Alan, it's important, but only part of the equation. If someone is just right for a company, but doesn't have the competence for the particular job, they can be trained. But some of the other Cs can't be as easily taught.

Capability. This represents how much potential an employee has to grow in their job and be promoted in the future.

Compatibility. For Alan, this has become one of the most important criteria lately. A person has to fit with the team.

Character. Values, ethics, etc.

Commitment. This means that a person will be loyal and dedicated.

Source: Paul Allen

via: Emergic

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Blogger Steve Shu said...

Regarding "compatibility" - FWIW I think that it's also important to consider being "complementary" while also considring that the team should be made up of the same type of DNA (in start-ups).

6:40 AM  

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