Monday, May 16, 2005

A typical Web2.0 application

Google Maps, there are some really cool applications that are built over Google Maps, the functionality delivered is cool and within a very short time. Wired has this article "Hey Google, Map this" that i got from the tpwire (tom peters companies new service - check it out).

One of these application is housingmaps, it is app that combines real estate listing from craigslist and google city maps, It lets users pinpoint locations, along with one-click access to photos and descriptions, of dozens of available apartments in more than 20 North American cities.

HousingMaps is an eye-opener, offering a simple and easy-to-navigate interface that lets home and rental shoppers take in a neighborhood of offerings at a glance, complete with locations, prices and, in some cases, pictures. Even with the extra data, maps rendered smoothly when we tried them on Thursday.

Hackers have also meshed Google Maps with sites like the photo-sharing service Flickr , Yahoo's traffic notifications, city transit maps and others.

Mischa Levin, a law student at Chicago's De Paul university, used Gregory Sadestsky's hack, which mashed up Google Maps and traffic information, first from Yahoo and now from It has been a daily timesaver. "I check it every single morning before I leave," said Levin. "If I'm driving and if there's traffic conditions that are really bad, I'll take public transit. It shows traffic advisories, so if there's a Cubs game, I know the streets will be full of assholes, so I don't have to go there."


Blogger said... compliments thie HousingMaps site quite well.

while HousingMaps integrates Craigs list homes currently for sale and rent with Google Maps, integrates how much homes SOLD for with the google mapping technology

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