Wednesday, May 11, 2005

GMAIL - Features

Google ponders Blogger, Gmail integration , this is the title of the post in Infoworld, At first cut i really like the idea, i believe that it will be of use to me , Now i need to open multiple windows, one has gmail on it and that open right through the day , that is my primary email ID for most acitvities other than my office mail account, Now everytime i need to blog, i use the web interface of blogger to get it done, yes i could probably install blogjet etc to make the whoe process easier but since i blog both from my home & office and office policy doesnt let us install software other than the standard on our machines, i find it easier to stay with the web interface.

GMAIL , should evaluate the option of becoming a blogging tool, that is not only for blogger, but using the other webservices , people should be allowed to blog in MT/UserLand others from blogger, this way that becomes my one stop interface.

GMAIL team go for it.


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