Friday, May 06, 2005

Blogs & Career

Blogs and how they help careers, Well i found this interesting article at fastcompany , titled "Blogging Up"


How are blogs being used in the hunt for talent?
Having a blog is almost like building a brand for yourself, so it's largely meant for that tacit process of having people scout you. If you have a medium readership of 1,000 or so people who read your blog daily, those are 1,000 more people who might think of you when a job opens up.

So should we all run home and start our own blogs?
If your ultimate aim is simply to get a new job somewhere, that's probably not the best reason to start a blog. What's most important is to attract other people in the same profession. Think, "How do I make myself part of this community?" You want to start by putting the time into having fresh, interesting, original material. Then the key is reading other people's blogs and commenting on them. When you comment, you have a link back to your own blog, and if they think what you've said is interesting, they'll keep coming back.

via Micro Persuasion

Another post that was on the same theme in the recent past was one by Steve Shu,titled "To What Extent Does Blogging Affect Job Prospects?" Excerpts:

For myself, I’ve had a variety of opportunities pop up because of my blog. Blogging is not my trade though, and it is something that happened somewhat accidentally for me. It has taken some time to generate opportunities (3-6 months plus ongoing experimentation). One opportunity included a book deal on corporate blogging that came out of the blue (which fell through at a later point, but the point is getting opportunities to step up to the plate and swing at the ball). Other opportunities include meeting people around the world (e.g., Germany, UK, France). I obtained a consulting opportunity with the blogging software provider 21Publish as a result of blogging. I also obtained an author relationship with Creative Weblogging as a result of blogging. Clients have told me that they read my blog and that it serves as an additional thing to talk about on the job (some have told that they have purchased books I recommended). There are also some new opportunities cropping up for me as related to my blog and other efforts - I may soon have multiple employers in addition to me being a freelance consultant. I don’t expect all opportunities to pan out or to be a good fit, but the fact that blogging opens doors, well this is a good thing.


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