Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Networked Communications Predictions

No. 10: Home LANs will proliferate.
No. 9: Knowledge mining will transform the way we do business.
No. 8: Wireless and wired lines will converge -- accelerating virtualization.
No. 7: Broadband will be common -- leading to the death of locality.
No. 6: e-Collaboration will dominate the workplace -- promoting foster next-generation speech recognition.
No. 5: Sensor networks will be everywhere.
No. 4: Wireless Internet will be big -- driving mobility.
No. 3: Convergence of communications and applications will become a reality -- the network will be the computer.
No. 2: Security is critical.
No. 1: IP will eat up everything.

Source: CRN

Via: Emergic

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