Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I want to be a Productive blogger...Do you?

Just finished reading this interesting post on how to be more productive as a blogger. This post provides a basic list of ideas, some of these I have already been doing for sometime now others let me give it a shot. In fact I am going to take each of the ideas/suggestions and talk about how I go about implementing them.

1. Set aside time for writing
I do this everyday first thing in the morning. Yes that's right I do this before I get into my day.

2. Create (and stick to) a publishing schedule
Every Weekday, Weekend, I usually don't post unless....Well those creative juices are in play.

3. Keep an Idea Journal.
Two places, My Outlook Draft/Task & other is a notebook that I carry around with me. I am looking to get my self a tablet (not any time soon) to replace the book.

4. Take advantage of creative highs
This is when I write most of the posts, I realize that these creative highs for me are usually triggered by listening or reading great stuff, than I just cant stop talking/writing about this stuff.

5. Take some time off.
Weekends are usually my sanctuary

6. Read
1-2 hrs a day

Other ideas
7. Start with a title
8. Connect and motivate
9. Don’t fear failure
10. Don’t get too hung up on grammar (or pronunciation if you’re a podcaster).
11. Stay positive
12. Try something new

Source : To-Done

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