Tuesday, August 30, 2005


the famous PDF software Adobe Acrobat (version 7) has RSS capabilities, With Acrobat 7 you can convert RSS feeds into PDF documents. First this is a more than welcome improvement as you'll be able to read your favorite feeds off-line.

Derek Franklin (who has a book forthcoming: RSS Domination) suggests that you could easily convert a blog into an e-book. How? Well, assume you run a blog and you are a disciplined writer. You post regularly, each post being, say, one chapter of your book. In a month (say you blog everyday) you have a manuscript up and running. Your blog is RSS compliant. Hence if you own a copy of Acrobat 7 you can convert your blog into a book and distribute it digitally! (Here is a tutorial by an Adobe engineer; see also Robin Good's comments on this RSS/PDF feature).

Source: Cyberliris


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