Tuesday, April 13, 2004

What difference does IT make for small companies, ones that are there in the 5-15cr segment??? This question has been baking my cookie for sometime now,

most present day enterprise applications I think are an overkill for them, concepts like real time , service enabled systems seem unreal or still only concepts organizations don’t have the time nor the resources to go after these catch words or flavors of the month or pipe dreams.

They need real solutions, cost effective solutions, May be commoditized solutions. Post the "Does IT Matter" article by n carr all the industry gurus have jumped up in arms to say that IT is not become commoditized, but I am of the belief that at some level business solution commoditization is a must to provide the small enterprises as mentioned earlier with the required solutions. May be even the revisit the not so widely successful ASP model.

Microsoft word, tally are used by the organizations in reference, but MFG Pro isn’t - WHY????


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