Wednesday, April 07, 2004

As a follow up to an earlier post of mine dated, Tuesday, April 06, 2004 - 09:31 am.

Somebody else seems to share my thoughts on this topic of how google is all ready to take over the desktop. BEWARE MICROSOFT.

Below is excerpts from an article by Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan chimes in with his thoughts on the "Google Desktop":
> Will Google's new free e-mail system, Gmail, be just the first of many things we'll see in a new Google Desktop? If so, Microsoft could have a lot more to worry about than just Web search.

Today, plenty of people download mail to desktop-based e-mail programs. But Google might convince some of them to take up its e-mail storage offer.
After all, even if you do have a great way to search through desktop-based e-mail, you might like the idea that all your mail is backed up, stored offsite, and easily searchable from anywhere.

Now, take things a step further. Imagine next year Google provides users with 5, 10, or more gigabytes storage space for personal files.
Got a ton of text documents, spreadsheets, and other material? Push it to us, Google would say. We'll store it, index it, and make it easy to retrieve what you want. Google already indexes this type of material across the Web and has done so for ages.

As broadband expands, such an idea becomes increasingly more feasible. With it, the notion that Microsoft might trump Google with desktop lock-in becomes less of an issue.
> There is an interesting opportunity for Indian broadband companies - think like Google on the platform side, and combine with thin clients (akin to handsets) for users to build an end-to-end alternate computing platform the mass market (today's non-users) in India. There are 40 million home users waiting.


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