Monday, April 05, 2004

Today during my daily blog reading session(I think there is a need to coin a one "worder" which means reading blogs), when I was reading "Rajesh Jains blog" I was very pleased to see the mention of Landmark, Chennai as one of the good book stores in the world, it was mentioned along with the likes of Stacey's in San Francisco, the Barnes and Noble near Union Square in New York, Harvard Co-op in Cambridge... I couldn't agree more with this comment , I spend atleast an hour or two every week in that is a real pleasure. Their collection of books is very good and their staff is well pretty helpfull but I think one area they need to focus on is the plenty of places to sit and read.

On the topic of books I am presently reading..."The Mckinsey Mind", its a pretty good book. I suggest everybody who has identified that having a defined approach the problem solving is important both for the individual and the organization, please read this book. It gives us a peek at the good tools and practices that can be used in everyday activities.


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