Saturday, April 03, 2004

Some time back I read an article in the harvard business review (HBR) on getting IT right and I sent a mail to the author, though I never got a response on that mail, I thought it was a pretty good mail, so what I am going to do is just "Copy&Paste" the mail, you can get back to me with your thoughts on the same.

"After reading this article, I has some thoughts which I will present below, I would be very interested to hear your views on the same,

First, I would like to highlight that I believe that all the software/IT solutions/systems that are provided today are only version/phase 1 of the so called IT revolution. Indicating that there is going to be a version/phase 2 which is going to in entirety change the our perception of IT, infact we would stop, calling it IT and referring to it as a separate field. The Systems then would be "Networked" …"Real Time"…"Intelligent(AI)" & "Ubiquitous". I might be taking it too far when I say that the phase 2 will be our first step to a world with MATRIX like possibilities.

Second, Coming to the issues more at close to us, I have heard of all management thinkers/guru say the IT needs to learn more about the business and align itself with business goals, but I don’t see the same force or pressure on the reverse, I would like to see the business people seen pushed to leverage/understand IT & incorporate it in as many facets of their work as they see fit, the IT staff needs to be looked at as a implementer the picks & shovels in the IT enablement of the business, it is the business/functional people that need to point the location where there is a goldmine sitting to be excavated. My thinking is also that as the baton gets passed the older give way to the younger in the executive levels, there will be more people in the "Executive World" who would have spent that last 10 years in the lap of technology. Also I think all the "Executives" in waiting need to today have had a stint in the IT wing of the organization or headed an IT implementation project.

Third, Evaluation of IT systems success, I am a firm believer that ROI is not a good way to evaluate IT systems, I think the best way to evaluate a system is to analyze "how it Adds to the Competitive Edge/Advantage of the organization". I think the systems that show ROI will be common across the top players in that vertical it will have to be system other than those that provide one a competitive edge against another organisation."

The topic that I am particularly thinking about is the one on Real time systems, As if from my mail, this month I read another article in the HBR titled "Give me that Real-Time Information", though too short to give an meat on the topic it highlights some of the key thoughts on the enterprise side requirements for real time systems, but my thinking is that we are a good distance away from the real time enterprise as our software & hardware infrastructure at various levels is not in a position to support it, so is the inherent software architecture, not ready for the real time systems.

Just another thought "should real time systems be restricted to the enterprise only".


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