Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Yesterday, I read the best the most interesting news in a very, very long time, Most of us have heard about VOIP, but probably dont know how it can change/improve things for us, Well here is news about a software that can really change that,

skype, is a software that allows for internet based voice over ip calls, but this required you to have access to a terminal with the required multimedia kit, here is the interesting news today they launched the mobile edition of it that works on PDAs they call it the PocketSkype, this really changes the voice call scenario, imagine you are in one of the airports in between flights or at the cafe on an holiday you can use your PDA in conjunction with the Wifi Hot spot which are now becoming ubiquitous, you can make voice calls back to your office or may be check in back with home, or may be the girl friend for that long chat at limited(only cost of hotspot) or no cost.

I can wait to try this out, Any body who has had a chance to try it out please send in your comments.

PocketSkype works on any PDA running MS Pocket PC 2003 OS with a 400 MHz processor and needs to have a WiFi card.

Skype, Is created by the same people of the Kazza fame, I read an article (cover story) in fortune about them sometime back, Very Interesting


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