Thursday, April 08, 2004

India is no place for a guy who really wants to work in/on information technology.

No I haven't lost my marbles, no I am not on drugs. Well then why the hell am I making such sweeping statements.

I work at one of the biggest software parks located in India, the other day because it was pretty late in the office and I was waiting to talk to my counterpart who had probably just got up and was on his way to the office and at that time my mind began to wonder on a range of topics, after some time I was wondering what is it that all these companies really do,

Well the answer to that question, is no shock to me or to the rest of the world what is a shock to me is what are the Indian companies doing about it.

Well coming back to the answer to the question, lets take the software value chain the lowest part of the pyramid are talent donators, next come the system integrators then come the IT consultants and finally the business consultants, Well no prizes for guessing where India IT companies are kings..Talent donators and system integrators.

India IT is almost become synonymous with talent donation and system integration, nobody, rather very few companies are looking above these two pieces/stages in the value chain or beyond this pyramid of software development outsourcing to what the other avenues are.

True tech work still gets done in coaters outside India, they set the direction, we just follow it, to represent it as an analogy it seems like we are the foot soldiers in the army and the generals/commanders/president are from else where.

Am I right, If yes WHY????

Why is this the case? - What are we lacking in?



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