Saturday, April 10, 2004

Stuart Hart and Clayton Christensen in Sloan Management Review: Disruptive Innovations compete against non-consumption ; that is, they offer a product or service to people who would otherwise be left out entirely or poorly served by existing products and who are therefore quite happy to have a simpler, more modest version of what is available in the high-end markets.

I once had the pleasure of attending a talk by the management guru "Ck Prahalad", it was a long time back and i was pretty young, most of what he said probably went straight over my head...but a couple of points that stayed with me were...
1. Create market..dont build products fexistinging markets .."Create the Market"
2. There is a large untapped market in rural & poor india
3. How nirma captured this market and give the behemoth HLL a run for thier money.

I think there are lot of technology products that can be made avaialble to this market and this can greatly benefit the people to whom these technologies become availabe to and organisations that go about provding these facilities/technology products.

Prediction : Enabling this market with technology is a must if we need to get our GDP upto 10% as planned with Mckienzy.


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