Thursday, April 15, 2004

Last night I had a good discussion with one my friends Bharath, it turned into a real interesting discussion, I must say I came back with probably a more clear understanding of some of the things, the discussion started with the red hot topic of out sourcing, I subscribe to an email group called the PEG it is an technology related group and one fine day in the beginning of this week one of the people decided to talk about outsourcing man you should have seen the flurry of mails on this topic, some really made me feel bad, you know when you think of the whole things as a concept or as an activity you don't feel so bad but when you put a face to it or identify it with people you begin to understand how it is impacting people.

Well I am not of the opinion that outsourcing is bad, infact to the contrary I think it is pretty good for the whole world economy.

But I also feel strongly that organisations that outsource or are planning to cut jobs because they are outsourcing should have a more detailed plan for the people who are going to be pink "slipped"..I think these organisations should literally take a page from jack Welch's book straight from the gut (where it shows how they managed the show when people had to be let go in one of the organisations).

Then the discussion tended towards my pet problem, Indian IT companies, and our unwillingness to innovate and how we still get by or make our money or become one billion $ behemoths just by doing the plumbing work, honestly I am not complaining, I cant be my salary is paid due to this work but I also think we need to move up in the value chain.

The last point in our discussion was on our culture as a society and how we it doesn't permit the masses to be open about other cultures and society more on this in the next blog.


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