Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Chennai 2010

I have been thinking about what chennai is going to be like in 2010, Please chime in with your views....the specific areas of interest at this time are:

IT Services, How that business is going to grow in this city and impact the same.
Real Estate, Today it looks crazy ...How are thing going to be after some time, what are the areas of growth going to be? How is the city going to expand?
Traffic/Road Infrastructure - Are we going to be the next bangalore.
Water/Power/Fuel, How are things going to be !, Water has been a big problem in the past and continues to bother us, power might not have been a big issue but what does the future hold in store.
Other Infrastructure - Airports etc - if i understand right we have an airport coming up in Sriperumbathur.
Industry...What is the industries that we have in place...what are the kind of industries we are going to have in place moving forward, Auto & Auto Ancilary are quite prevalent here, what else?...Where?


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