Sunday, July 09, 2006

Note to Radio Jockey's / Producers - Radio Mirchi / Suryan FM

On an average I am in the car for about 2-2.5hrs on weekdays and 3-3.5hrs on weekends, and my entertainment is

1. The Radio
2. Movie / Music CDs that I carry
3. Podcast that I have written into CDs

Radio I am inclined to as I expect something new and there is some form of people/social interaction (people calling in). Of course I would like it more if there was some variety the channels we have in Chennai are only for Tamil Music, I would like it if we had channels with english/hindi music, which should come in sometime. But this post in not about lack of variety but more about the current set of programming.

RJ/Producers you have my attention, which is the most critical currency in an attention economy, please use it wisely and let be benefit from the same...and so can you.

You guys are riding a wave, one because of the novelty of the radio programming content, but I think that is coming to an end, to sustain the audience please improve the content.

When I was thinking of these things I was reminded of a movie , "Good Morning Vietnam", Check out ...its might not be educational but great fun to watch nevertheless.

A good litmus test for your content will be , if you think it is worthwhile to record the session/program and put it up as a podcast for people to download, I assure you, simple yesterdays interview of Nandan Nilkeni & Naryan Murthy on Times Now (TV) if it was available as a podcast / VLOG, I would definitely download it.


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