Friday, July 07, 2006

Is this blog dead? - NO

Its been 69 days since my last post on this blog, so the few readers of this blog who are wondering if this blog is dead or if i am ...the answer is NO, I am very much alive and this blog is on its way back.

Why haven't i been writing ?
Well, it started with me being a little busy with my new role, than it was me traveling and finally because i was spending a significant amount of my blogging time at the CIO-Weblog.

But these are only secondary reasons, the primary reason was that i thought it was time to rethink this blog, give it an angle, i wanted to find ways for this blog to deliver more relevant content/value/use to all its stakeholders = myself & you!

So why start blogging now, have i figured out what exactly i am going to do? - NO i still haven't figured the whole thing out, but i have a few ideas and am going to try a couple of options and see how things work out. But for the process to succeed the one thing that i do need a lot of is feedback, please give me a lot of it.You are spending your valuable time & attention at this blog, so help me to make sure you get the best for it.


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