Sunday, July 09, 2006

I was checking out the Brainstorm 2006 Conference blog (here),

What is Brainstorm 2006?
Brainstorm brings global-minded business leaders together with leading thinkers from government, science, art, academia, entertainment, technology, and other key fields to explore both the present and the future. The gathering will have a special focus on technology and its impact, now and in the future. How does the new connectedness change business, society, culture, and daily life around the world? Brainstorm—even more so than other FORTUNE conferences—is guided and organized by our editors. Our group is kept small to promote a high level of interaction and cross-fertilization of ideas.

There were quite a few bloggers there, list here.

Below is a summary from the notes of Ross Mayfield(check out the post) on one of the sessions from the conference conducted by Diana Farrell, McKinsey Global Institute.:

1. Shifting centers of economic activity
2. Overburdened public sector
3. New Consumers
Social & Environmental
4. Social Life in a Connected World
5. Turbulent Tides of Talent
6. Social Cost of the Free Market
7. Limited Resources, Unlimited Demand
8. New Global Industry Structures
9. New Science of Management
10. New Economics of Knowledge


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