Monday, March 07, 2005

Where is my Content? How do I Process it?

Today, I found out that Google is facilitating plug-in development on the GDS product, I was quite excited by this opportunity. WHY?...Explained in this entry.

I for sometime have believed in the concept that a good filing system and excellent desktop search is the ideal "Personal Content Management System".

First, let me explain what I mean my a "Personal Content Management System", There is a lot of data we have access to today, infact it is an information overload most of the time. We are at present going from one piece of information to another, neither being comprehensive nor being ……. I am worried on two accounts one am I getting to all the information that is required, two am I able to process all the information required. Well a PCMS should try and address both these concerns, the first is addressed by setting a clear process, definitely easier said than done.

"Getting/Accessing All information"

Most of my information is
1. In my office mail account. - Outlook. (pst)
2. Bloglines
3. Furl
4. WebMails
- gmail
- yahoo
- hotmail
5. My documents, primarily MS Office documents.
6. My Music - MP3/ WMA
7. My Videos - mpg
8. My Photos - jpg
9. Flickr - jpgs
10. My Blogs
- rais-thoughts
- Bloglines Link blog
- CIO blog
- Smartlives blog

The above 10 point this gives you a clear indication of where I store my information and in what formats they are in.

Well, In stage one I am not looking at tagging the pieces of information I store in these repositories or stores, but moving forward I intend to, Need to work out the TAGGING structure, Also need to finalize, TAGWEB (Tagging Tags).

"Processing the information"

Well I would like to have a single window approach, no I am not referring to some GOVT office thing. The idea is lets say I am writing and entry on tagging. I will just go to my search application and enter "tagging" I want the search to look through all the sources listed above and list them to me in a categorized form and I will use that as my window to keep track of what all information has to be reviewed and stuff like that. Also I would like to be able to give each of those entities status of weather I have read or not read those documents, if I read it when I read it. Also I would like to be able to rate the documents.

Even this will have to happen in two phases, first where I implement GDS and see how good it is, the second would be me writing out a plug-in of my own.


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