Saturday, March 05, 2005

Outlook as a platform

Well, i have been giving this some thought, i really do like outlook
as an environment for development, why because i spend a lot of time
in outlook my whole work flow/life flow is managed out of/around
outlook. Having said that, i realised that though i have set up some
scripts that help with the work flow & also tested getting things done
add-in, i feel there is a still a lot that i need and that can be done
or provided in outlook.

First, i think will be the "ONLINE" aspect of it, I hate the fact
that, the outlook information/content is tied to a machine, else i
need to transfer the bulky PST's between machines. Well i don't like
that i want all the information / functionality accessible everywhere.
No i wouldn't like to pay for it. Yes i am aware of integration with
MSN , but it costs me 20$ year, not too much but why should i pay for
it. I like newsgators model, their offline/outlook integration is a
licenced product, but their online feature is free.

Ability to INTEGRATE SERVICES, yes that is correct, a lot of my
work/research/analysis is initiated from content in outlook could it
not be made possible to build a web service integration environment
into the outlook.

Cross referencable Content, A given email might fit into the Malaysia
Project category as well as an FAQ category, so now i forced to put it
under one folder, doesn't make sense, i would like to access them from
any relevant folder, yes aware that you cant make multiple copies of
it, so i suggest TAGS, well there has been a lot of talk about it over
that last couple of weeks...all over the web, well looks like i have
been bitten by the bug, i would like to tag my mails/etc etc and have
view of them accordingly, when i am looking at Malaysia project tag
all content in outlook which is related to Malaysia should be shown in
the view.

RSS Reader, Thunderbird is already there, they provide a RSS reader,
integrated into the email client, why cant outlook. YES they need to
with RSS becoming common in the enterprise, i see more and more
enterprise applications using RSS as an alert or communication
service, no more will the ERP send an email to the Purchase Request
Approver, there will be an RSS alert, so RSS Reader is a must, in fact
come to think of it, i would go ahead and incorporate an Blogjet
functionality also into it.

IM, AOL i think just started this trend of putting together a plugin
which integrates Outlook into the IM. it makes sense from 10000 feet level.>

Workflow, Yes that is right i should be able to setup workflows within
outlook which will help me with the flow and organisation of
information, i should be able to set up multiple virtual folders based
on the tags mentioned earlier.

Tasklist, Yes i beleive that is a huge untapped opportunity and
functionality. - Still need to think this one thru.

Search - Lookout needs to be integrated, into outlook ...the search in
outlook now sucks...lookout is good, but i dont was it to be an
addin....the user should have nothing to think about/do.

well this is part 1 of the list, as i believe that moving further, i
will have more items that i would like to add to the list, to give you
a flavour of what i am thinking along the lines of well, for one i am
thinking sematic web, i believe it was CMU where they built a utility
called MyCampus, Outllok should be the interface.


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