Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Books i am Reading

Books I am reading
1. Direct from Dell
2. Beyond the last blue mountain
3. Leading Revolutions

Beyond the last Blue Mountain - Biography JRD

JRD Tata was a great man, but the one take away from the book, that i thought was the objective or goal that drove the Tata's once you have such a clear goal than all desicions become simple is it in line with the objective if it is then go ahead else no go. Simple!!
Also the goal itself - Well this is the interesting thing...What is your goal?...More importantly for me what is my goal?

Direct from Dell, A well written book, but it reminds me of a text book...i think the content is "BRILLIANT" but the writing style could have been better, more incidents could have been highlighted...this is just my criticism, but they might have had thier reasons.

Leading revolutions, just seeking to become a reolutionary.


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