Friday, September 03, 2004

Transfer Large Sized Files

Tranfer large size files from point A to Point B

Well yesterday a collegue of mine wanted to send a 12mb file to another person located in some part of the world,

Our servers dont allow us to host it up there for people to download...(needs to be configured) i wanted a quick and dirty way of doing that and the options i came up with are - they have a 15 day trial edition - but u need to give u r card details. It is a pretty well know and secure place.

Gmail - checked
Option 1: Give the other person an invite and send the file to him at his new account.
Option 2: Send a email to yourself from the gmail account and give the other person the password.

Final alternative, though a little complicated, this might be good to set up for a long term - This systems uses the GMAIL, as a file system pretty cool stuff. But requires a a lot of set up, particularly since now GMAIL offers upto 1tb, details available at -


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