Monday, August 23, 2004

Coffee - Technology - Chennai

Technology in "Nambo" (colloquial for "our") Chennai,

This weekend, I visited cafe coffee day a coffee pub in "Nungambakkam". Let me give you a little back ground about this place, it is extremely busy and they serve some pretty good cold coffee, It is like to place to see and be seen in the youngsters circle, - I think that will give u an image of the place I am talking about.

Here I was with a couple of friends all ready to order we signed the waiter over and began placing our order, then came the surprise, this guy pull out a, if I remember right limpman handheld device, in which he begins taking our order, I was immdly interested and that guy had to walk me thru the complete system and how it functions what are the interfaces ..the complete works basically.

The waiters with the handhelds enter the order data and print out a order confirmation note and give it to you, immdly the central server which is connected wirelessly receives the order and the back office(in this case the kitchen) begins processing the order after sometime, the waiter goes across picks up the prepared order and just delivers it to us.

I was curious and asked the waiter , what benefit this system offered him, he gave me a long explanation but I think the jist was it that it reduces the time and effort he has to spend everytime going back and forth between the kitchen and the various tables he is waiting gives him more face time with the customers - which I think is very important.

Overall this was quite a surprise, but its a good things, See more of it happening....


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cant you speak better english. I am finding it difficult to follow what you say.

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