Friday, August 20, 2004

The Week

The week has been quite hectic, to say the least i am still wondering what it is that i managed to accomplish this week than after sometime i am forced to think what does that matter, i dont think i managed much even last week. But time just seems to be flying.

Well now that week has come to an end i can spend some time catching up on some of the pending reading.

This weekend its going to be a combo between working at home and reading @Beyond the last Blue Mountain" - JRD Tata and Leading Revolutions.

Hope to have a relaxed weekend and come back on monday all guns firing.

Well if you are wondering , why instead of heading home i am sitting and putting in this note, it is simply because i am waiting for the back up of the my office pc into my external drive to compelte so that i will have all the stuff i need to work from home.

This weekend, i have some interesting notes planned on the subjects of

1. Software Factories
2. Team Organisation
3. Personal Objective Management
4. Personal Content Management

[i realise i plan to do way too many things - let me see how many i accomplish 50% hit rate will be excellent]


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