Monday, August 16, 2004

Nokia 7610

I was using a nokia 7610 this weekend and let me assure you it s pretty cool phone, both in aesthetics and functionality,

the camera is outstanding , I was watching a movie at the theater and I used the phone to do some video recording about a min of the movie and then played it back, it was just too cool. I have transferred this video to my phone(ngage) and have been playing it and showing it to everybody and they are really blow by the clarity of the picture and sound.

If you want a good camera (video and still) this is a phone for you.

for the rest of the review you can read it a russel beattie's blog.

There are two very evident problems with the phone,

1. Battery Life...Pretty poor
2. Application Speed, Like if I open a folder it takes quite some time


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