Thursday, August 05, 2004

Follow up Blog

There are so many of my blogs/thoughts that i wanted to write follow ups on so here is part 1,

Visit tom peters site and you can down load the slides he has used in various presentations in this year, with the book they are very usefull in preparing a note on your own thoughts or views on the subject, i am planning to but some of the slides that he has with the notes included let see how good they are, i am totally sold on the book.
The link blog is coming along pretty nicely, bloglines is doing a really good job, i like thier simple yet very usefull facility which allows you to email to friends/collegues blog u think they might be interested.

For those who dont know , bloglines is a web site(sounds really bad) which is an online aggregator for all your blogs, you can create an account thier and subscribe(rss, atom) to all the blogs that you are interested and use it as a single point of contact.

Reader Protests
Martin Fowler, Had said he uses xml to write his books, i am getting hooked to the same idea, in my last post i mentioned about the paper i was writing well, this paper is going to be written in xml and will be made available for reading in html and PDF formats, still getting my hands around xsl, so the asthetics can do with a lot of improvement.

Incedently, Just out of curiosity i have downloaded Ruby which i am evaluating to fill the post for the "primary language to hack up quick tools together" lets see how that comes along it will be a long term activity as it is a priority 3 activity,

Ha that reminds me of something else that i did last weekend, it is usually when we have less of something that u really value it right!!!, well off late i have been having very little time, so i decided it is "time" i did some serious reviewing - time management, well that is exactly what i did. Pulled out excel sheet(yes yes excel) and worked out how my time during the week is getting distributed, then sat and broke down all my activities that i need to do at this time and put them into 3 buckets, priority 1,2 & 3. For the next month atleast i have very little time for 3 level activities. - More on this excel sheet later.
IBM is conducting a workshop here in chennai on 13th about SOA, i am going to try and attend that is if i am in town..


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