Thursday, July 15, 2004


Here is a really good post on SOA and what it really means by benjaminm, i have taken a few excerpts from the article which struck a chord with my thoughts,

interesting discussion points that came up:

There was some agreement that SOA is a pragmatic marketing term that unites many existing architectural principles around SOAP.

The closest agreement about a definition for SOA was that it was based around common architectural principles of encapsulation, loose coupling and messaging.

The four tenets of service orientation are necessary but not sufficient for a system to be considered a service oriented architecture. Some people thought they were too technologically focussed because they were tied too closely to XML technologies.

David mentioned that the best SOA installation he'd seen was using CORBA several years ago - it had support for finding services, common schemas etc. Michele backed up the need for shared industry schemas based on some of her experienced.


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