Sunday, August 01, 2004

Well Read Weekend

This weekend was spent mostly reading various books,

1. Straight from the Gut - JW - Re Read
2. Count your chicken before they hatch - Arindam Chowdry
3. Business World - Weekly
4. Re Imagine - Tom Peters
5. HBR

It felt really good spending all this time reading....I am really beginning to enjoy this.

Some pieces from these various reading sessions that were thought provoking are listed below ...I am going to keep updating this blog

1. Tata takes over the Daewoos commercial vehicles division, this is not the biggest deal in terms of financial size, but it is in a segment which is of great interest to me, Automotive. Business world did a cover story on it, the article was pretty well written. Need to find a book about ratan tata..better still would like to meet, not that it is going to happen in the near future..but still. In the article they mention how he arrived in the daewoo plan in ghunsan in a public taxi..yeah yeah..the kind that you put your hand out and stops and you tell him where you want to go...the kind that you and I use not the CEO/Chairman...of Tata & sons right !!.

2. Subroto Bagchi, For those who dont know he is the COO of an IT Services Company in India called Mindtree and every other week write a column in the Businessworld India..., In this weeks article he talks about is really very different(a lot more) from what today's corporate have made it out to be - Right!!!.


The term comes from Greek mythology. Telemachus, a young prince, needed protection as his father Ulysses was going away. Goddess Athena took the form of a being - half-woman and half-man - bearing the name Mentor. There is deep symbolism in this myth.

3. Just notes / points from Re-Imagine

We are in the baby stages of the Infotech revolution

total re invention of a job takes only 15 years

Don't own nothin if you can help it

Artificial Intelligence is the only way of the future

Remove every iota of bureaucratic Bull shit from the system

....more later


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