Monday, August 09, 2004

Bluetooth HandsFree

On my way back from Taiwan last month I had some transit time at Singapore and ended up buying a blue tooth hands free for my GSM phone, its a big boon particularly since

1. I drive a lot
2. I use the phone a lot
3. I have an ngage which is not very convenient to use(talk with)

This weekend I spent a lot of time reading various blogs, most of my weekend went just catching up on pending activities which includes sleep and reading - both blogs and books.

I was just thinking with
1. Skype..or VOIP program becoming more and more popular.
2. Voice Enabled programs becoming the norm

Is it not time for some of these peripheral manufacturers to come out with a bluetooth handsfree for this ...well I think there will be a lot of takers and it can work with PDA(particularly since Skype is already available with them) it makes a lot of sense.


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