Thursday, August 26, 2004

Day Log - 26 August

i have not been keeping well, so things have been a little slow, i have just decided that i will share the interesting things that happened to me over the last couple of days.

1. Excel
Finished putting the last touches on a estimate that i have been working on, and realised that i need to move a table from one location to another, if i did that the formulas were getting screwed, so i needed to find a way to get around this,

So in comes KK(our in house excel expert ...i think it is the years of working on excel in the accounting business)

he tells me to make the refereances in the formulas absolute and then move them once i finish the move make them relative again...that did it... for those of you who dont know how to make it absolute/relative....go to the cell, press f2 to enable edit and then press F4 to toggle between permanent and relative.

A job well done at the end. saved me a lot of trouble.

2. Earlier in the day it has been a subroto bagchi the welcome address he gave to the people at IIM(a)...thank god for email and the internet the content that you get to read is outstanding...i have been following bagchi very regularly in his BW(Business World) coloumn. QUite enjoy his writing style. Infact the first piece that i read by him which i totally enjoyed was a article on the "Making of the Mindtree" i would rate this as a must read.

Does anybody know if Subroto Bagchi maintain a blog, if not may be he should. Would love to read him on a constant basis.

3. Yesterday i visted the doc dad, He was there to get his Annual General Check up done and i to check out what i had decided would be viral fewer. My dad had spent the whole day running from pillar to post doing all the tests possible than, later somebody had to go to all the pillars and posts to get the results in time to show it to the doctor, Indian docs, clinic & hospitals can do with a lot of technology.

4. "Think Global Act Global" - This is a punch line that most of you that read management material would have read at one time or another. But i think this has great relevance to companies in India today particularly in software/hardware products..We need to start devlivering software, hardware and content which is truly global in its outlook. Also i think there is another important point, our organisations can be focussed now on the localmarket but they need to have a global outlook few companies are making forray into the international arena, but this is too few and far should be the norm/rule not the exception.

5. Entertainment Content - While at home i spent a lot of time yesterday in front of the "idiot box"(a term i havent used in a long time) only to realise the content is downright loousy there seems to be nothing interesitng on television ever...the same serials which i liked say three years back are the only ones that are viewable even now and some of them were reruns(older series etc)

7. History of the CIO


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