Friday, September 03, 2004

Approach - Weddings ...Organisations

That is some title,

Well hopefully after reading the post you will make sense of it,

Last nite and this morning and later today ..I am attending a marriage of a friend of many years....he is getting married in the Marvadi(community) style.

And during the course of the wedding I kind of started analyzing why their weddings are more fun than ours and the first reason that I hit upon was their weddings are people focused ours are process focused.

When I say people focused, I don't mean to say they don't have process(rules/regulations) they do and quite a few...but still the important thing at the end of the day are the people and that people should have a good time.

Immdly I thought that is how organisations should be "process driven but people focused".

People should be at the heart of the process, and the objective of the processes should be help reach the people & organisational objectives/goals.

Okay time for me to leave and attend the final event of the wedding....

ps: Wishing KS and Meenal an very Happy Married Life.- All the best!


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